Asian guys have small penis…HAHAHAHAHA! So funny! LOL! Hilarious! LMAO! So Witty! HeHe! This shit never gets old!

jeremy lin whitlock jason racist penis small asian male man tweet

“The bane of our existence ya’ll….BBC”

Everybody, this is Jason Whitlock, sportswriter for FOX Sports. He’s known for being very outspoken, gruff, and all around controversial. I’ve always been a small fan because he usually went against the grain of most ass-kissing sportswriters or sports “journalists”. In the previous post I wrote about and celebrated Jeremy Lin, the Asian basketball sensation of the New York Knicks – he’s been lighting it up, schooling everyone, and putting on a show.
But then Whitlock goes and tweets this garbage:

jeremy lin whitlock jason racist penis small asian male man tweet

“Asian Man = small penis…HAHA! LOL! LMAO! So very funny!”

Can anyone tell me why people think this is so funny? The whole joke about Asian men having small penises. I don’t get it. It’s been overplayed and the joke has run its course but it keeps popping up in movies, TV, media, etc. Yeah, I get it that jokes based on racial and ethnic stereotypes are grounds for humor and joking around but why does this particular joke (Asian men have small penis) always draws laughs and hysterical reactions from various people? IT IS NOT THAT FUNNY!!!

How many times have I heard that black women have big bubble butts? How many times have I heard that Jewish women have big boobs? How many times have I heard that Asian girls have bodies like a 15 year old boy? Not nearly as often as I’ve heard all those jokes related to Asian men having small penises. Why is that? Whether it’s a myth, a gross generalization, or fact…why is it persistently brought up as a punch line? Why do so many people (of all colors/race) find this so damn funny? I myself find it offensive and disrespectful and incredibly aggravating.

To recap, Jason Whitlock tweeted his “joke”. The AAJA (Asian American Journalists Association) demanded an apology via an email to Whitlock. Whitlock responded with a bunch of lame excuses and “apologized”. This was all exposed on Facebook. And then all the comments started flooding in from random FB users.

Click here for the apology and comments.

What‘s even more annoying is how some people just say to get over it or Asians are being overly sensitive or it’s just a joke. To me, they are basically saying “just take it up the ass and stop whining”.

We are talking about how Jeremy Lin, an Asian American, who went to Harvard and never got drafted, who is now an NBA baller and is kicking ass on the court and we are talking about how exciting that is for the sports, Asian community, and entertainment. Why does a guy like Jason Whitlock have to make a comment like that? And his comment or joke or whatever had nothing to do with basketball. What was the point in even tweeting that? Why is he fixated on Jeremy Lin’s penis…whether it’s tiny, small, medium, big, or whatever? Who cares? Why can’t he and others just let Jeremy Lin be recognized for his recent achievements on the basketball court?

jeremy lin whitlock jason racist penis small asian male man tweet

“Nothing more classy and attractive than Asian girls throwing up gang signs when in the presence of a black man”

42 thoughts on “Asian guys have small penis…HAHAHAHAHA! So funny! LOL! Hilarious! LMAO! So Witty! HeHe! This shit never gets old!

  1. Maybe it’s because Blacks are sick of racism and discrimination from Asians how does it feel to be on the recieving end of it? and before you try to tell me otherwise dnt even debate me on this shit or i’m gunna have to bring out the evidecne and splash you.

  2. To correct what LoStranger put up there:

    Maybe it’s because SAMs are sick of racism and discrimination from FRICKIN EVERYBODY ELSE!

    Compare notes here. You wanna splash us you jackass troll? We’ll drown you in all the shit we gotta put up with.

    The worst part of the joke is that it isn’t even true. The bigger you are the bigger the dick. Simple as that. Whole thing is just some lame ass attempt to make themselves feel better about not measuring up to the SAM. Suck on that.

  3. Whatever I bet if I was a white dude u’d be ready to make peace with me GTFO outta here you don’t think I’m well versed with how YOUR people treat Blacks heck you even treat Latinos like shit and I’ve had tons of them tell me that

    You want to know whats so funny Asians NEVER and I mean NEVER have an issue being racist or discriminatin against Black people but as soon as a WHITE boy discriminates against you then yall ready to get on ur knees and cry and beg for forgivess and cry racism (I’ve actually witnessed this myself NO joke) bunch of hypocrites I swear…..

    For all the innocent SAM’s out there please watch this video and it explains EXACTLY what I mean (WATCH ALL OF IT !!!)

    Remember the inside joke you Asians share “You know you’re Asian when your parents hate Black people” When it’s not Blacks that are discriminating against you in the media or being racist to you but no you have NO problem hating on a Black person but when the White man comes around town drops bombs and Nukes on ur Country steals ur women insults your manhood beats the shit outta you all your ready to do is beg for his approval all the while looking down on Blacks it’s COWARDLY and SICK….

    You DESERVE all the shit you get because your ppl are decietful and conniving… If you were in control of the American media you’d be discriminating against US just like you do in Japan and Korea instead of getting revenge on Whites. I have never encountered such a white cock sucking race in my ENTIRE life and it isn’t just Blacks saying this shit it’s Mexicans and other Hispanic groups too.

    and just for the record I use to sympathize with ya’ll when I was younger but not anymore fuck it I’m not gunna go around begging for friendship and approval like a bitch i’ll leave that to you guys.

  4. GTFO LoStranger You just showed you are racist and bigoted against all Asians when we are not monolithic. Unlike you I can tell low life characters in all races, nationalities and religions including my own. Yes there are some bigoted Asian Americans who are racist against blacks. I don’t like any racial group, nationality, or religion who are intolerant and bigoted against another different culture.
    I can differentiate good and bad in all cultures.
    Like him or hate him, to his credit even Knicks fan Spike Lee admonish Floyd Mayweather comments. I don’t like Floyd or Whitlocks comments, but I know they don’t represent every other black persons views on Jeremy Lin’s success. Even as I get older I don’t worry about criticism on me, as I only care about my well being, family and success in my field. That is why I can relate to J Lin’s success over the obstacles and odds as an Asian minority he had to face to finally succeed and make an impact in the NBA game.

  5. Like I said before the evidence is in the pudding (or the video link rather) ALL Asian groups discriminate against Blacks and other dark skinned ppl (even of ur own race) ALL of them!!! Watch the video or didn’t you bother? I also noticed you didn’t have shit to say about my accusations of ur race being white worshipping dick riders thats to be expected. Only very few of you actually have the balls and the ethical courage to say something back when a white boy insults you and you KNOW i’m telling the truth.

    Anyway back to the Lin drama yes I agree with you whitlocks comments were stupid and childish the dude is a fat shit and probably has a small dick himself. However i’m in 100% agreement with Floyd Mayweather Jr. Lin is being hyped because he’s Asian point blank do you really think a Black dude would be getting this kind of hype if he had simillar skills/achievements as Lin? of course not!! What Floyd said was not “racist” he didn’t call Lin inferior because he’s Asian he didn’t say Asians shouldn’t play Basketball he said what was simply true. The Lin hype is due to the fact he is ASIAN oh and btw it was ESPN a White/Jewish owned company who brought up the topic of Lin’s race FIRST funny how you have no issues with them brining up Lins race but you have a problem with Floyd doing the same thing hmmmm I think i’m seeing a fucking pattern here…..

  6. This is Black History Month, and Whitlock says stupid shit like that. I know all black people admire MLK Jr., and what would he think about Whitlock’s comments?

    Honestly, I find it really stupid that minorities one up minorities. The white people must love it when they see Asians fighting Blacks fighting Hispanics. It’s so dumb. Blacks fought hard for their civil rights, but many African Americans (who weren’t part of the movement) seem to forget what their people went through because they treat other minorities EXACTLY the way they were treated by whites.

    The reason Whitlock dissed on Asians was to make his fat ugly self feel better. Racists say these things because they want to be part of the winning team, and by dissing another race, they feel somehow superior to them. That’s why Blacks and Whites love to say that joke, especially in groups. The fact is, if you say racist comments, it just shows you are insecure, and it shows that your fucking parents didn’t raise you right. Your parents are uneducated idiots.

    Yes, there are lots of stupid Asian racists, too. There are racists in every race. A big reason why Asian Americans can’t unite in America is because all the different Asian nationalities think they are better than their neighbors. This has got to stop, too. People are people. I know there are some Asians who dislike Mexicans or Blacks. I don’t know why. We’re all in it together. I personally have a good Mexican buddy, and had a good black friend at my previous job.

    I do agree with LoStranger in that Asians allow whites to diss them too much. I think it may be due to numbers, really. But, ALL racism, no matter who it’s from, is the same, and SAMs need to stand up against all of them. I would say ESPECIALLY when it’s from white people. They need to learn a lesson.

  7. To be honest, I’m not really sure how to respond to this. I’m not going to lie that I’m a little confused about Whitlock’s post, because I was honestly thinking “a few inches of pain”=maybe an endowment that’s a little too “big”? If he was talking about Lin, it’s not surprising since guy must be at least 6’4″ or taller.

  8. @LoStranger – So are you saying many Asians discriminate or are racist towards blacks? I mean, truthfully, you kind of have a point. I can’t disagree with you on that. But…is that why Whitlock said those comments? Retaliation? Is that right? Justified? Does that make it okay?

  9. Jason Whitlock was out of pocket for his comments. No need for it and inappropriate. Why shit on Lin’s parade? He needs to ask himself why he had the need to put down someone without provocation.

    Reflective SAM

    Ok post. But I will say I am sick and tired of every race using black people as the scape goat to prove their bullshit. No one ever stands on a black person’s side plus they are racist towards blacks. But the second they have an issue they want to push forward they pull out MLK’s name and start preaching. But wkere were you when blacks and some whites were protesting on civil issues? WHERE WERE YOU Asian People?

    LOL. So, black people have to fight for everyone else but who the FUCK is fighting for blacks besides blacks. Blacks should support Asians? For what? It is common knowledge how racist towards blacks and darker skinnned people, the Asian society is. Same thing goes for gay white males with their propaganda. ‘Gay is the new black’ my ass.

    When Asian society stops being racist and stocking up on chapstick to kiss white people’s asses, then blacks, Latinos, and even whites will start caring about Asian discrimination.

    I don’t understand why Asian society loves white society to the point of jettisoning their pride and dignity. It is sad.

    Notice how I said Asian society. Not all Asians are racist. I have a quite of few Asian friends from different back grounds, but the majority of Asian people I have met look down on blacks and treat them as inferior.

    There fore this common knowledge of Asian racist society, leads blacks and latinos not to give a damn when Asians in general are disrepected. Even if the assaulted person is not racist. The innocent get caught up in the race wars. So don’t blame blacks for not caring or laughing at Asians because the majority of Asian society has made their bed. Does not make it right but it is what it is.

    And why it is whenever Asians are being racist towards blacks, Asians don’t say anything? If they assept racist from their own, they better be prepared to recieve it from others.

  10. LoStranger I liked Asians community when I was younger and growing up in the burbs. I thought there was more unity between blacks and Asians back then. My childhood best friend half Japanese half Chinese. This was in the 90s when things were not so racist at least through my eyes as a kid. But As I grew up things changed…

  11. I am really sick of all this anti-Asian crap being thrown around b/c of Jeremy Lin….I love the guy. He PROVES stereotypes are crap. Anyone who judges a book by it’s cover is dumb-end of story.

    But I HAD to comment on this post b/c of something ridiculous….
    The pic of Whitlock with the Asian girls….where it’s captioned says:
    “Nothing more classy and attractive than Asian girls throwing up gang signs when in the presence of a black man”

    HOWEVER, if you look @ the girl in blue you’ll notice it’s NOT a gang sign……it’s:

    “THE SHOCKER”………hehe
    I guess that’s HER plan for the evening?

  12. Please Asian Men do not take it wrong, I thought it was kind of funny and he didn’t mean it that J. Lin has a small penis. I’m Asian and I’ll be the first to tell you I’m hung like a horse but don’t take it wrong by Whitlock saying a couple inche of pain, what did you want him to say? if he said the same regarding anyone else of a diffrent race, nobody would have notice it.

  13. Question for LoStranger and anyone else out there, Africa is the birth place of humans and been inhabited by humans longer than any other place on Earth. How come Africa has not come up to speed with the rest of the World? How come African countries have so much difficulty forming stable governments? How come South Africa is going to shit now that African’s are in power? Are African’s an inferior sub species who may be physically more evolved but mentally less evolved?

  14. @HPalmer

    Comments like that are EXACTLY the reason why I have come to not like any other person that isn’t black especially you fucking Asian pigs.

    Go do your research pig if you were REALLY interested in why Africa is in the state it’s in you would already know and wouldn’t be asking such basic questions and saying such uninformed statements.

  15. cont: Plus certain parts of Africa aren’t the only places in the world that suffer poverty or underevelopment just look at the Philippines for exampe a Country (Asian Country) with alot of poverty and extreme social issues like Prostitution

    Just look at countries like Bangladesh Cambodia the list goes on…..

  16. wow after reading this and the comments I’m almost for certain my son is going to go through an identity crisis. with his mother being Korean and me a black male. It truly bothers me seeing this bickering between two minorities we have find resolve … people its 2012 how are we still behaving like this?

  17. @Jonathan

    Of course he will and he will most likely choose to hate his black side thnx to sell outs like you.

    The fact it’s 2012 doesn’t mean shit racism is live and well ppl r just too cowardly to be upfront about it. This is particuarly true of Whites and especially Asians who only see things in the context of black and white (skin colour) not right and wrong

    I Hope whites drop another bomb on you China fuckers then maybe u putos will learn actually probably not….

  18. I think it’s about time Asian men start approaching women in night clubs, grocery stores, the street and try to charm then into having sex with them. Better yet, steal women from white guys. It’s not that difficult to develop these skills. Look at David Tian in singapore He made a career out of teaching men how to approach, charm and seduce women. He is very proud of any student of his who steals a girl from a white guy. Maybe asian guys need more David tian. So I suggest you stop bitching and start working. And another thing to consider. Indian men have the smallest dicks in the world. look it up. Yes, the smallest. As measured by condom sales by country. Either Indian guys have the smallest cocks in the world, or it is only the small cocked guys in India who are getting laid/practising birth control. But no one ever makes a big deal out of it. Ask yourself why this is so. The answer will enlighten you.

  19. @LoStranger: Excuse the fuck out of you, but the United States dropped an atomic bomb onto Japan after the attack on Pearl Harbor, not China, you dumb twat. I can almost guarantee that you’re going to say that Japanese and Chinese are all the same to you, right? That would be like me saying that Jamaicans and Haitians are all the same, yes? Obviously, that’s incorrect because these are two different countries. So, if Jamaicans are from Jamaica, and Haitians are from Haiti, that must mean that Japanese people are from Japan, and Chinese people are from China. They’re different. Brush up on some history before you attempt to use it to spite a different race. You’re calling Jonathan a “sell-out”? Why? Because he decided to put aside stupid remarks from ignorant people, like yourself, and decided to love someone that wasn’t his ethnicity?

    You, sir, are the ignorant racist cunt that you are accusing Asians to be. In every single race, there is going to be SOMEONE who makes a racist remark. You can’t stop it by being even more racist. This isn’t a competition on who can insult whose ethnicity the most. Do not point your ignorance at an entire race of people just because you had a few bad run-ins with assholes who happen to be of Asian descent. It’s very obvious that racism is alive, and you’re a perfect example of a 2012 racist. A few days ago, an African American male embarrassed my mother, who is Filipino, by making a comment about her being short based on the fact that she’s Asian. Does that make it okay because it was an African American being rude to an Asian American? A few years back, while at the tailor shop, a Hasidic Jewish guy was making racist comments towards a Vietnamese woman in the shop because she couldn’t speak clean and concise English. You know what I told this guy? I told him to shut the fuck up and if he wants some trouble, I can give him trouble. So, no, not all Asians take shit from a Caucasian person just because they’re Caucasian.

    I agree that some of my people can be assholes. But, so can anyone else in any other race. However, don’t throw down your stupid pity card and tell me how African Americans had such a hard time as if they’re the only ones who had to suffer some kind of turmoil. Did you know that pretty much every single race has experienced that? The only difference, is that, for other minorities, it isn’t talked about as much in history textbooks unless you go to the country of origin. Are you aware of the Battle of Spartacus? Spartacus, a slave, gathered together slaves of all different races and managed to win many battles against the Romans despite the many language barriers. Do you need me to repeat that? He got together SLAVES of all different RACES. So, no, it was not just Africans who were enslaved.

    Did you know that in the Philippines, when the Spanish and Japanese attacked, they would throw Filipino infants into the air and catch them on spikes? Did you know that many Japanese Americans were put into containment in the West Coast after the attack on Pearl Harbor even though they had nothing to do with the attack? Did you know that China was severely damaged during the Rape of Nanjing because of the attack from the Japanese? Did you know that America did nothing to help because they were trying to show that they were “hard” on communism? A government designed by Karl Marx, who was Caucasian? You, probably, know nothing of the struggles of other groups of people simply because you are ignorant. You are the type of person to not care about anyone but your own people. And, that, is what makes you a hypocritical jerk. You come on here and talk about how Asians are so bad and how they deserve it, but I’m certain if it was an African American who was being talked down, you would be the first one on the line of defense. What the author of this article is doing is coming to the defense of his people. So, do not criticize someone for doing something that you would also do given if the situation was regarded towards your own race.

    People like you make me so angry. My husband is Chinese and my two best friends are Haitian. I’ve been friends with one of them for sixteen years. I’ve known her since elementary school. I’m Asian, Filipino to be precise; does that make her a sell out for being friends with me? Is it weird that I’m friends with her because you feel that all Asians are racist against African Americans? You should tell her that. She’d punch you in the face. If I could see who you are, I would not hesitate to go up to you and knock some sense into you because I cannot stand people like you. And, no, it’s not because you’re African American that I would want to punch you, it’s because you’re a person who can only think inside the box and only comprehend conflict that you see on the surface, which therefore allows you to fail at seeing the root of the problem.

    I’m well aware that you’re going to reply back with some remark that you find witty and intuitive, and then proceed to repeat your broken record statement about how Asians are discriminative towards African Americans. Go ahead; say it. Judging from your past comments, you can find nothing else to say except for that one argument, which makes you very predictable.

  20. Masculineffort “Indian men have the smallest dicks in the world. look it up.”

    Look it up where? Some racist BBC article? You think some article attacking Indian males in the western media won’t pick and choose their facts to twist the story? And do you know why you think this is not a ‘big deal’? Because in the US the east Asian population is larger, so the women they go after are orientals, and the men they attack are oriental, while in the UK the Indian population is the largest minority, hence the diverting of the attacks to the Indian male.

    Indian men suffer the same crap as Chinese men, at least in the old days an invading force would kill the men and take the women and children as slaves, it is only the cowardly British and their bastard cousins who have to resort to these underhand attacks because they can’t get away with genocide anymore!

    Shame on you for buying into that nonsense, what kind of defence are you offering when you say x, y and z are worse than you? The subtext of what you say is, ok we have small cocks, but their cocks are even smaller! And even though I don’t like all those white men who come over to Asian countries just to sleep with asian women, you can’t ask people to go ‘steal them’, most of these women are lost causes anyway, programmed and brainwashed by western media into thinking that the white man is a step up away from ‘inferior’ asian men.

    And as for your hero David Tian, he sounds like some kind of snake oil salesmen, I am not sure how many people he would actually help. The key is to be confident in yourself, and women will pick up on that, rather than trying to act like whitey and get women into bed as quickly as possible.

    @Stephanie Great comment.

  21. @Stephanie

    I wouldn’t expect someone as clueless as you to understand why Interracial dating for a Black person is ALWAYS a bad idea….

    As for the poor treatment of Asians let me ask you this….WHO was it that did that to y’all it was either Caucasians or OTHER Asians thats why it makes me SICK when I see the majority of you Asians engaging in your typical white worship THATS why I say you deserved it…. Picking out a few isolated instances were you stood up to a white dude ain’t helping ur case when your actual CULTURE teaches white worship, maybe YOU don’t white worship but the majority of you Asians do and I’ve had Asians ADMIT this to me (including 1’s on this site) so don’t bother argue against it.

    (😉 this dude breaks it down perfectly watch if you dare….

    You want to know what the difference between you and me is? You can only give examples of Black on Asian racism in isolated instances I can give many examples of Asian on Black racism in both isolated instances, cultural occurrences and wide scale instances.

    Like what happened in the 2008 Bejing Olympics (those China bastards at it again)

    I can give you more if you like I have TONS of them……

    As for the author hey he’s free to do whatever he wants it’s a free Country over here unlike in China……

    So don’t come up here and get mad when African Americans like myself finally get fed up of the bullshit we get from others whether they be white or Asian and start fighting back y’all love to dish out punishment but cant take it back…. Also DO NOT try to minimize the experiences of my people because we have gotten the WORST end of the stick white people have been trying to do that minimizing shit for YEARS maybe YOUR the one who needs to pick up a history book because you don’t have a clue what African Americans have been through ” You were just enslaved like everyone else” lol you must be out of your god dam mind if you expect me to believe that bullshit. You’re acting as if we were taken from our homes 1st class and just made to scrub toilets for a few days and returned home happily with paychecks fucking prick…..go read a dam book sometime.

    Just look at what your fellow Asian “Controversial SAM” said even he knows how racist your kind is and like I mentioned previously it isn’t just a few token “bad run in’s” like you believe. Your CULTURE is racist and you’re completely oblivious to it, so tell me who’s the ignorant one now huh?

    LOL and you think I give a fuck about being predictable?? don’t like my message you can kick rocks!!

  22. Stephanie Ignore that vile troll unemployed, uneducated racist fool like the LoChump He can fight it out in the pits of hell with other LowClass whites. blacks, Mexicans, hispanics, Puerto Ricans, Chinese, Asians. Arabs, Pakaistanis, Africans, Nigerians, Germans. etc. etc etc

  23. All Asian guys have small penises.Some of you Asian guys saying you have a big penis. Stop lying! saying you have a big penis.That is a lie.You guy are small.Deal with it!

  24. My goodness! So much drama and tomfoolery going on here.
    Back on topic… I wish this concept of the Asian guy having a small tool would just die already. The fact is that in every group some men have small ones, some have large ones, and most are in the middle. What does it matter what the numbers are for the group as a whole, what matters is what your individual man is packing.

    This myth really causes a lot of Asian men to feel pain and sexual shame. I saw a guy who’s headline of his dating profile was “It’s not always small like they say!” That is so sad. I was both sad and embarrassed for him when I saw that. Poor guy! I can’t imagine being that insecure about myself.

    Some Asian men have really had reservations about dating me (a black woman) not because they found me unattractive, but because they assumed I’d be built to accommodate some massive penis that black men purportedly are blessed with, and they felt they couldn’t measure up.

    I mean, it’s really a serious and painful issue for lots of guys because they actually believe it is a fact carved in stone somewhere. I have had to literally argue with Asian men before when I insist that in MY experience, it is not true that Asian men have small tools.

  25. I absolutely love your blog and find a lot of your post’s to be what precisely I’m looking for. Do you offer guest writers to write content available for you? I wouldn’t mind publishing a post or elaborating on a lot of the subjects you write in relation to here. Again, awesome web site!

  26. LoStranger is exactly why everyone on the planet hates blacks. Even Gandhi hated blacks. The reason why some Asians despise black people is because you murder and rape them, you dumbfuck.

    And I can’t help but laugh, East Asians worshiping white people? Who is the only race to wage WAR against whites and win for centuries? The Mongols killed 66% of Europe’s population with war and disease. China is pushing America’s shit in in in the Olympics.

    Meanwhile you have a bunch of blacks in Africa running around begging whites to cure their AIDS and feed them because their worthless men do nothing but rape and steal.

  27. @TruthSpeaker

    Go eat a dick seriously faggot….don’t bring any fake statistics around me….Like I said the reason why Asians despite Blacks are because they are spineless chickens , despite having power refuse to use it against the very people they’re trying to emulate that’s why you have Korean faggots running around getting corrective eye surgery opening their dam slanted eyes to look more “Western” thats why ur cartoons feature almost completely Caucasian looking characters and thats why you cast so many Westerners in your commercials in Asia. That’s why the highest Interracial statistics in America and among other places are between Whites and Asians

    You SARS infected slanty eyed dickless cuck, all your people do is pollute and overpopulate the planet with your cheap bullshit electronics even your own women don’t want you in the presence of a white man seriously the only good an Asian male is for is pulling down his pants and letting a woman point down south and have a good laugh for thirty minutes….


  28. Guys why are you talking to this loser? Lostranger’s obviously a troll. Two things really should happen here. The guys running this site should just delete all of its comments and they should stop new comments from being submitted.

    Just for the record China isn’t getting THE FUCK OUTTA AFRICA because your governments want us there African faggot. Without aid from China and just about EVERY country there is Africa’s just a malaria pit. LOL

  29. You fucking wish you Beast from the East. Africa is in such a bad state because of FOREIGNERS Your “AID” is worthless. If Africa is such a “malaria pit” then explain why greedy Chinese corporations are so interested in it’s resources……

  30. Wow, this escalated.

    Lostranger – you’ve got some good points, but I think your throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Not all of us are bad. Falling back on racist comments is exactly what white supremacy wants you to do. We’re supposed to fight together.

    everyone – the reason 3rd world nations stay third world nations is because of corruption and trade agreements that favor only one side. When two people negotiate, the party with more power always writes the agreements in a way that favors themselves to the other party’s detriment.

    everyone – minorities must fight together. Asians help blacks, latinos/latinas, arabs, native indians, and yes, even whties – whoever. Divide and conquer is the the elite’s strategy to make us fight each other so don’t get tricked. Why help whites? It would change their opinion of us. Obviously, don’t help a racist white!

  31. I am an Asian so I understand about the small penis size compared to black guys. However, the penis size is not everything you need to satisfy your lady. The mindset is the most important. If you have a 10-inche penis but it does not get up on demand, then it is not worth it. Most Asian men have short penis about 5’5 to 8 inches in erection. The most important part is the rock hard erection on demand.

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