Jeremy Lin…relegated to a punchline in between a cracked fortune cookie

jeremy lin fortune cookie chinese restaurants msg networks nba basketball graphic


It’s shocking to me how ignorant major media conglomerates can be when it comes to issues like this. It’s a big company with many employees and with its own checks and balances. Projects, ideas, procedures all have to get approved.
So how can this happen?

It’s so interesting to me how when an Asian figure gets some media coverage, like the way Jeremy Lin has been getting, the small to big prejudices and bigotry and stereotypes all come out of the woodwork. Thing is, sadly, they were already there. It just came out because of the so-called Jeremy Lin media sensation.

Yeah, yeah, I get that almost all Chinese restaurants in the U.S. give customers fortune cookies. But the reality is that they don’t do this at restaurants in China. I guess most average everyday people do not know this.
But huge media companies during the highly publicized and watched NBA game on TV?

Chinaman please.

And again, back to our previous post regarding Lin…Is this really that funny?


3 thoughts on “Jeremy Lin…relegated to a punchline in between a cracked fortune cookie

  1. You have to ask yourself, is this flattering? Would Jeremy Lin like being seen like this? They Photoshopped his head with the silliest expression they could find between a broken fortune cookie. The graphic was to evoke laughter at the expense of Lin, who doesn’t deserve to be laughed at for his contributions. He’s a baller, not a comedian.

    Many white people just don’t seem to get it. If fellow black teammate Stoudamire was kicking ass, would it be appropriate to put his head near some watermelon and write ‘Cool him down he’s on fire’??? They wouldn’t DARE do that because that’s ‘racist’. But, when it comes to Asians, people poke fun at their eyes, make kung fu sounds, and talk about dick size. The fact is, it’s just not funny. You might think it’s teasing, but it’s mean, uncreative, and it’s used to make non-Asians feel somehow superior to Asians.

    Why is it that they couldn’t actually uplift his image, and make a cool graphic? Like ‘Warning, call the ward, Linsanity is spreading!’. Something like that. Every fucking time white people bring up Asian men in the media, they want to turn it into a joke. Show some fucking respect. He’s an undrafted Harvard grad who has broken the NBA record for most points in the first 6 starts. Focus on the accomplishments, and don’t focus on the stereotypes in your head. Fucking idiots.

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