A case of Asian on Asian crime?

A STUDENT who killed seven in a gun rampage at a US university was upset about being teased, police said overnight

Dead bodies of the victims after the shooting rampage by a lone Korean man

I was quite surprised to learn yesterday on the radio as I was driving home that the shooter at the small religious college in Oakland, CA was a 40-something year old Korean man. This instantly reminded me of the Virginia Tech massacre, also by a Korean man, who shot and killed 37 people.

The first thought that came to my mind after learning the shooter was Korean was…why. And now, it seems the main motive behind the killing rampage was getting revenge. He was getting revenge because he was bullied by his classmates. It was then that it was no big surprise there considering how so many shootings in the U.S. these days are due to victims of intense bullying by their peers.

The next thing that came to mind, after learning the Christian college was a Korean-run school, was why would other Asians bully other Asians? The shooter stated that other students and the school’s administration officials made fun of him because of his poor English skills. Most of the students were Asian! WTF?

Yes, this guy’s heinous acts are inexcusable. That’s like Asian on Asian crime, no? I am an Asian American and I have never ever maliciously made fun of another Asian person’s accent. I have never bullied anyone for this. To me, this is considered a hate crime.

Another thing that I read was that all the women he shot and killed were women. This made me wonder if it was mostly women who made fun of him and that is why he targeted primarily or exclusively women. The news reported that the shooter was a large man, older (mid 40’s), odd, socially awkward, and a recluse. It made it seem like he was a “loser” with the ladies. I don’t know. But it made me question if the guy was a misogynist, borne out of the constant bullying by other women. Who knows.

Either way, I’m not defending the guy. But I was just pondering what exactly was going through his mind and why. It’s complicated obviously and clearly it was premeditated – he wanted bloodshed. To keep things very simple, he was in a rage…wrath.

A STUDENT who killed seven in a gun rampage at a US university was upset about being teased, police said overnight

The student who killed seven in a gun rampage at a US university was upset about being teased

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4 thoughts on “A case of Asian on Asian crime?

  1. I’ve always found it odd (and hypocritical) that so many Asian YouTube celebrities became, well, celebrities on the entire FOBBY accent schtick. They’re just making fun of their own kind.

  2. I don’t know about you guys but back in middle school I get made fun of because I was in ESL class or I don’t know how to spell certain word by other Asian people. I remember this Asian guy called bunch of ESL retarded people out loud for no reason and not to mention he was embarrassed hanging around Asian who are in ESL. Also this Asian girl make fun of me because I don’t know how spell certain word and that girl turn out to be my friend’s sister. You have no idea my friend say a lot of shit that cause us getting into a big fight and ended our friendship for little stupid ass shit for not knowing how to spell a word and valid too much on her sister’s opinion…… From my experience it really show how Asian American has interior complex with their Asianess. Fuck even FOB myself!

  3. A lot of the Asian YouTube celebrities are guilty of that. I won’t deny that they’re funny, but I also think it’s a passive form of Asian on Asian bullying. Like since AAs can’t bully anyone else, let’s just bully our own.

    Obviously One Goh had deeper issues (IRS, loss of brother, women problems) but he definitely carried resentment from other Asians making fun of his English skills. I remember when I spoke the University of Chicago and a FOBBY Asian kid asked about what to do if you have a FOBBY accent and the entire room literally laughed at him.

    I felt bad for the kid and answered his question with all due serious, but I think it’s an example of how in Asian American culture its completely acceptable to stand apart from Asian born Asians and ridicule them for their accent.

  4. I have to admit I want punch their face for those who bully me back then, I mean who wouldn’t? I didn’t understand why Asian make fun of other Asian because I didn’t know anything and was too innocence.

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