Report: Oikos University shootings suspect ‘can’t deal with women’



And in the end…the love you take is equal to the love you make

I had a feeling that this guy was at least a slight hater of women. And it may turn out that I was at least partially right. It’s been reported that the guy had a few key things happen to him that were probably quite traumatic or stressful. His mother and brother died recently. He was in debt. He owed money to the IRS – even had his assets held as a lien by them. He was pursuing to be a nurse but he got expelled, crushing his goals. He was ridiculed and disrespected by his classmates (other Asians) on his poor English skills. He felt isolated, alone, and disenfranchised. He was probably under tremendous level of stress, felt this was the last resort to do something with his life (pursue nursing), and suddenly felt everything was lost when he got expelled. His goals and dreams were dashed.

In addition, he was lonely, without a woman. He probably never or hardly dated, had few friends, both men and women. He probably felt rejected by women throughout most of his life. He felt misunderstood, misrepresented, and stereotyped in some ways. I think over time, his anger and resentment towards women grew. He became bitter and eventually became hostile towards women.

I don’t think it’s a big coincidence that all the victims were women. I know most of the students at the school were women but still. The main woman he was initially targeting was a woman.

I am not a psychologist nor am I a FBI profiler. I just think I can understand a fraction of what he was thinking in terms of women and how he viewed them.

I think it’s too easy to write him and other similar killers off as “nuts” or “crazy”. I think there’s seriously something going on in our society that’s really a factor – Just in life, media, life’s pressures, stress, etc. There is no mental affliction or disorder that they can be diagnosed with that causes them to go out, shoot, and kill. Granted, some of them were depressed and just wanted to end it all.

But I think some of these killers had unrelenting rage. And this accumulated over time. Millions of people suffer from depression but they are not inclined to go shoot people. The ones that do have a brewing anger, rage…wrath.

Virginia tech shooter was severely depressed and had other mental disorders. But these factors coupled with rage/anger/resentment/bitterness probably pushed him over the edge and decided to not only plan the shooting in great detail, but to go through with it.

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One thought on “Report: Oikos University shootings suspect ‘can’t deal with women’

  1. Just hope this does not affect a sterotype of all Asian men in America as being single and a loser with the opposite sex. Contro we know they exist in our community with the recent news of men of Asian descent going beserk and killing innocent people (esp in the Bay Area) Need more positive stories of people who rise above the obstacles and work hard to get out of bad situation. I struggle in this economy with inflation and my financial situation, but I won’t go postal. I better rise above the odds since I got married last month.

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