Depression in Asian Society

Melancholy man

In my opinion, many Asians are raised in an environment that can cause depression.  Many have parents who are too busy with life or work to listen.  Many strict parents will order around their kids, and don’t allow for free communication. Many traditional minded parents raise their kids to achieve, rather than allow their children to discover their own path that they enjoy.  This creates a disconnect between who they are, and who they are expected to be.  This oppression can cause a lot of stress and unhappiness since you’re essentially not allowed to be yourself.  Depending on your personality and mental characteristics, this could be traumatic for some.

Asians of the older generation don’t talk about depression.  They probably don’t even think it’s a real condition.  They believe that you can power through negative emotions with positive thinking, will power, or even God.  The idea of mental illness embarrasses parents, and they won’t acknowledge it since it would make you somehow a failure, and therefore THEY would be failures as parents.  People are afraid to seek help because if they do, people might find out and label them as ‘Crazy’ or ‘Unstable’.  So, they pretend that everything is fine.


4 thoughts on “Depression in Asian Society

  1. I think my parents have done everything they can for me. They’re understanding and they don’t pressure me but I wished they’d acknowledge my body issues and how it’s been eroding my self-esteem since I was five. I don’t come from a family with strong genes. My dad is only 5’3″. I’m about 5’8″ but skinny as a 14 year old girl.

  2. I think Asian parents don’t generally accept depression as a condition cuz Asian culture believe in perserverane.if something gets you down or you think your being overlooked you just fight harder. When you succeed like that its more rewarding and you can use your hard worked success to push away the bad things.

  3. All your blog = 100% Negative

    All your blog = 100% UN-inspirational

    All your blog = 100% to make only yourself feel better

    If you’re an Asian guy the only thing you’re doing is bringing harm, anger, jealousy to Asian men, if you’re not Asian guy you’re doing an damn good job in creating more depression against the innocent ones. Your dad will be proud of your inferior complex.

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