Squinty Asian Eyes…Always a guaranteed laugh


So this shit never seems to get old for some white people who think it’s so damn funny – making the squinty eyes. I honestly don’t get it. It really is not funny and never was funny. But white people seem to love this. Can someone explain to me why they can it’s so funny?

It really annoyed and pissed me off when I heard of this. Think about how disrespectful and rude it is. These non-Asian models came to Korea and mocked the Korean people in their own country.

The worst part was that there were throngs of Korean women waiting in long lines to get photos with these douche bag models. It’s pathetic and frankly embarrassing. It’s shameful and ignorant.

I hate Abercrombie & Fitch. They own Hollister. They’ve been riled up in a scandal before when they sold racist t-shirts.

I plead to all Asians…Please do not spend any money on both Hollister and Abercrombie & Fitch clothes. Have some self-respect and dignity.

One Korean person wrote:
There was a report about this a few days ago, right? In some store the models took off their shirts and took pictures with women? It was such a pathetic sight to see those women giggling and hanging on the models.

Another wrote:
Pathetic Korean women who liked these bastards and couldn’t keep their mouths shut, just had to post the photos online for people to see~ I think I know what you [implying the models] would have been thinking if those people were taking pictures with you.

I couldn’t agree more!



3 thoughts on “Squinty Asian Eyes…Always a guaranteed laugh

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  2. I actually saw these models posing outside of the new hollister store when I visited Korea. I saw the huge line to take photos with these guys. And later I saw their photos online mocking some of these women, ie racist squinty eye photos and middle finger pointed subtly over

    • I’m white, btw, and totally get the racist, entitled , and lazy American thing. I’m trying to leave this country as soon as I have enough money to move to a place with ethics and culture I agree with more.

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