Long ago, we made this site as a joke.  We thought the concept of the SAM was funny.  We were young, brash, and annoyed single Asian American guys with lots to rant about.  We looked around and pointed out the funny tendencies we saw in other Asian guys like us.  We wanted more attention from the ladies, and tried to figure out how to get it.  And, we wanted to share our insight and humor.  This is from our original ABOUT page:

Welcome to SingleAsianMale.com a place to celebrate the SINGLE ASIAN MALE (SAM). Unfortunately, he’s not a rare breed, nor is he on the verge of extinction…in fact there’s too many of them! What is a SAM?
He’s your 20 – 30 something year old single guy who does several (or all) of the following:

  • Watches too much anime…the test? Knows what Naruto is
  • Plays too many video games…MMORPGs are so gay
  • Hasn’t had a date since highschool…or ever
  • Thinks he’s gone on a date when the reality is that the girl never liked him “in that way”
  • Is probably a virgin
  • Has never seen a naked woman…in the flesh
  • Drinks a lot
  • Smokes a lot
  • Travels in packs larger than 3
  • Souped up his Honda Civic/Accord
  • Spends a lot of time surfing for Internet porn
  • Doesn’t have any non-asian friends
  • Doesn’t know how to communicate to non-asians
  • Is shy in a social environment
  • Loves his technology gadgets too much
  • Freaks out when a girl rejects him and contemplates suicide
  • Resents his parents who are pressuring him to get married asap
  • Masturbates way too much
  • Doesn’t suscribe to porn but finds every opportunity to get it for free
  • Is viewed as “gay” by his co-workers or people that barely know him
  • Has really bad fashion sense
  • Loves “Hello Kitty” shit

At the time, there were three writers: Controversial SAM the outspoken one, Reflective SAM the thoughtful passionate one, and Well-Adjusted SAM the calm one.  We wrote for awhile making fun of ourselves and other SAMs.  I think at the time we were writing with our ingroup in mind.  But, soon, we realized that all kinds of people read our blog, including racists.  That’s when our tone changed, especially for myself (Reflective SAM).  It’s like the David Chapelle situation where you are making fun of your own kind, but one day you realize that white people are laughing at you, and not with you.

Besides the humor, we started writing more on serious issues and challenges that we faced day to day.  We vented more, and I definitely got angrier and became somewhat of an activist.  We realized how Asian American men are portrayed unfairly in the media, and how we are perceived in white society.  And, as we wrote, we got comments from people with similar experiences all around the globe.  This was reassuring, and it fueled the fire because we wanted change and more respect.

Right now, Controversial SAM and Reflective SAM are the two main writers, but we get help from our friends and readers.  The conversations are great, and we hope that we can help be the voice of Asian Americans as well as other Asians around the globe assimilating to foreign lands.  We want Asians, especially the men, to be treated equally and fairly because we see that the Asian ladies get much better treatment than we do.  But, we’re not just sitting on our asses and hoping this will happen.  We are actively doing something about it through writing, and also walking the talk.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for commenting.  Through voicing your opinions, you can create change.   (11/11/2011)

TO CONTACT US, WRITE TO: admin.singleasianmale@gmail.com


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  1. Its scary but I fit many of the criteria mentioned in your list of a typical SAM. I myself also do feel the need that something has to be done to improve the “conditions” us Asian men live in when we are living in another country other then our ethnic one. I have a passion to follow this through I just need guidance to point me in the right direction so I know where to take the first step.

  2. It takes a lot of effort and self-awareness. A great way to start becoming aware is by reading our articles. Whether you agree with what we say or not, it’ll start making you think about the challenges we face as Asian men.

  3. I always prided myself on being non-stereotypic. For example, I never watch japanese anime and have never played computer games. Then, after reading this, I realised that I am still quite stereotypic.

  4. Good Day Gentlemen,
    I enjoy the voice in your writing, though I am not a fan of the drama. I have read a few of your posts and truly it is not my business but, I wanted to send some encouragement. I read a lot a drama and anger in the posts. I also read frustration with stereotypes. I apologize for the pain, not that I caused it but as a multicultural woman I understand it. Truly, I only wanted to say that it is not your job to handle the drama that others throw at you. If someone does not value you as a human being first; it is because they are confused about their own identity, not yours. It serves no purpose to argue with small minds. The best proof of value that can be provided is character. That being said, Love, Life and Learning to you all, Good

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